Chaim Medical Resource is a Non-Profit Organization

About Us

The global community’s medical resource.

Chaim Medical Resource is a non-profit organization providing support to individuals and families facing the devastating effects of medical crises. Guiding them through the maze of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and any treatment options available, we support them in every way possible and find hope in the most impossible places.

No fight too hard. No distance too far.

Chaim Medical Resource pushes the boundaries of research, pursuing any vestige of hope to the corners of the earth. Beyond providing vital moral support and guidance, we help navigate the complexities of insurance and other financial implications, provide for critical travel arrangements, and refer patients to the world’s most accomplished physicians and facilities.

Medical experts trust our unwavering professionalism and value our resources when life is at risk. Across the board, we foster alliances with doctors, hospitals, medical organizations and donor programs passionate in helping others—and saving lives.

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