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Chaim’s Story

The life of his family. The spirit of this organization.

To family and friends, Chaim appeared as a typical 8-year-old boy. But when he was diagnosed with a rare brain abnormality, life suddenly changed forever.

No fair warning. No time for grief.

After undergoing complex brain surgery, this tiny warrior was injured on the battlefield a second time, only partially recovering from hemiparesis. Young Chaim, petite in size but indomitable in spirit, waged a fierce war against this senseless enemy identified only by its ominous initials: GBM. Glioblastoma, known to Chaim’s sister as “Gruesome Big Monster” threatened to devour and destroy his loving heart and the spirits of his beloved family.

Over the following years, the heroic child struggled with a seizure disorder among other debilitating ailments. But Chaim was never one to bend the knee in defeat. He confronted his enemy, looking trauma directly in its malevolent eyes, and firing! His unlikely weapon was a genuine smile. With boundless courage and a spark of humor, he combated the devastating disease for 5 incredible years. He simply defied logic.

When Chaim celebrated his bar mitzvah – shortly before passing to the world of eternity – his tumor was progressing. After conventional treatments failed, his family inched up the roller coaster, clinging to hope as they combed the medical world for clinical trials.

But they found themselves hanging in the loop. Chaim experienced a massive seizure a week before his big day, sadly losing his ability to speak. At the summit of his young but profound life, Chaim could not deliver his long-prepared speech.

It could have been a heartbreaking event, but Chaim danced the entire night, basking in the joy of the occasion. Armed with his radiant smile, he waved at friends and family, inspiring all with his unbreakable spirit.

Chaim was dedicated to living life to the fullest. And live it he did.

My son. My strength.

Chaim’s blessed memory inspires the entire Chaim Medical Resource team every single day. It is in his honor that we fight endlessly to bring hope to sufferers and their families, carrying them through their darkest, most trying hours.

I personally draw strength from our cherished boy’s 5-year battle. We learned so much through bitter trial, and I have made it our organization’s mission to deliver answers and resources to those facing similar crisis.

We are driven by the remarkable Siyata Dishmaya and success experienced, as well as by the community’s aching, growing need. When a medical crisis descends suddenly, Chaim Medical Resource is here to light the path toward recovery with the same hopeful spirit Chaim taught us.

Shevy Kahan

CMR Director & Mother to Chaim Kahan

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