A helping hand
and hopeful spirit.

Chaim Medical Resource is a non-profit organization providing support to individuals and families facing the devastating effects of medical crises. Guiding them through the maze of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and any treatment options available, we support them in every way possible and find hope in the most impossible places.

Medical Referrals

Direct connection to medical professionals

When a friend is carrying the physical and emotional weight of serious illness, we ease the confusion by matching patients’ unique challenges with the most fitting professionals from the correct medical field. With years of experience and a vast network of resources, our dedicated experts search all reaches of the globe for the perfect doctor, surgeon, hospital, or specialty facility for the need at hand.


Global Research

The knowledge to choose life

At Chaim Medical Resource we conduct extensive phone and in-person interviews with patients and their families to ensure every unique case is understood before pursuing any course of action. From advanced surgical research techniques to select trial programs, we then connect with doctors, exhaust every possibility, and weigh the best options to guide the way towards a healthy future.


Complex Disorders Division

Simply united against complex disorders

Chaim Medical Resource is unique in our core focus on navigating complex disorders/diseases that don't respond to conventional medication or treatment. We perform far-reaching research on each individual case, calling on global medical resources to help the fight against life threatening diseases, rare cancers, maternal fetal complexities, congenital anomalies, cardiovascular diseases, multifactorial disorders, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, genetic and metabolic disorders, diseases of unknown origin, etc


Hospital Liaisonship

Definitive link to leading institutions

Chaim Medical Resource fosters strong connections with the highest authorities at hospitals in all fields. We work closely with institutions and staff to grant patients access to premier facilities and monitor any developments in patient progress. As a hospital liaison, we also streamline communication between families, facilities, and the medical experts in the Chaim Medical Resource referral database.


Interfacility Transfer

Cross-institution fluidity to keep care alive

When a treatment plan involves more than one facility or medical team, or when a move is necessary to obtain lifesaving treatment, we arrange seamless interfacility transfer so patients actually receive the highest level of innovative care. This also alleviates the family’s burdens of the highly involved transfer process.


Patient Advocacy

In your corner—in all corners of the globe

We effectively cut through the bureaucracy of the medical community, reaching the field’s most respected physicians and gaining access to appointments. We correspond with experts, consult second and third opinions, promote excellent professional relationships in the medical field, advocate on behalf of patients, and unearth the best treatment plan—wherever its origin.


Physician Network

Vital care communication at its best

Ideal patient care often asks for a cooperation of multiple doctors and specialists. Not only does Chaim Medical Resource enjoy close connection to a diversity of physicians, we also expedite treatment processes that involve multiple moving parts. We facilitate in-person and virtual conferences among physicians, relay critical paperwork, and ensure no opinion goes ignored in the fight for survival.


Transplant Facilitation

Persistence where it matters most

When an organ transplant is a patient’s only hope for recovery, an already dire medical emergency becomes a desperate race against time and resources. At Chaim Medical Resource, our dedicated liaisons never let patients face such a battle alone. We advocate with donor centers around the world on their behalf, drawing on every resource possible to facilitate transplants and save lives.


Professional Support Groups

Together we stand

Chaim Medical Resource offers specialized support groups for patients and families facing the debilitating effects of cancer, chronic illness, and a variety of other medical situations. We make professional, non-professional, social and familial resources available to provide moral and psychological support, lifestyle advice, and help with grief management.


CCC- Crohn’s Colitis Coalition

Improving quality of everyday life

Patients living with Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and other chronic gastrointestinal diseases turn to Chaim Medical Resource for guidance and advice. We know that living with Crohn’s is an uphill battle, and even getting an accurate diagnosis can be a challenge. Based on our experience and research, we provide referrals, patient-to-patient support, educational conferences , “Line of Hope” informational hotline, and SCOPE magazine. Our CCC coordinators have a vast knowledge in diets, stress management, and alternative options.


Preemie Links

Dedicated to life—whenever it begins

Families burdened with the devastation of a sick infant know these days can be fraught with angst and confusion. Each premature baby's journey may take different twists and turns. Preemie Links coordinators, veteran parents, are a trusted source of guidance and reassurance throughout the preemie experience.